Pelican leads the industry in coolers cases. We can get anything from cases for your SD cards or cases for your computer servers. Pelican has the very best cases for your sensitive or just plain expensive gear! Whats great you say? Industry leading impact protection, tested submerged to 1 meter for 30 minuits. Drop tested from 6 ft. and the new Air cases are 40% lighter. Most cases can have custom foam or TREX PAC dividers, or you can cut the foam yourself with a sharp knife. So when your buddys run for the cabin with their hunting gear put yours in the case and leave it on the tailgate. When you purchase hundreds and thousands of dollars in sensitive electronic equipment for whatever you do don't settle for some cheap box. Get the best, get what our military uses for their equipment. Unfortunately you just cant get everything they can if you  know what I mean.

​​Looking for the best quality in your outdoor gear? Look no further Pelican products. 

Lighting. Pelican has the very best in lighting. from keychain lights to the RALS area lighting systems. The 7600 featured here is rechargeable with USB. 944 lumens on high with 255 meter beam distance. red and green lights plus strobe. completely submersible and and is 6.18 inches long. But thats not the only one. Pelican is the leader in oilfield and hazmat lighting with many models intrinsically safe and built to last. 

Elite coolers. The very best in coolers!  

These coolers have excellent ice retention and come with features including air vents, bottle openers, bear proof latches, cup holders and most importantly a 100% lifetime guarantee on all parts except the finish. So drag it around the jobsite or through the woods just give Pelican a call and a picture and they will replace whatever breaks... ​Forever! for nothing!

Go to to see all the features and equipment available from Pelican just don't forget to come back and purchase them here. We just didn't have the years it would take to copy it all!

Oh and the 30s 50s and 70 quarts are 33% lighter than those other guys so no need to be a body builder to get it out of your rig.

Pelican tumblers. available in 22ounce and 32 ounce. Best ice retention on the market. In these colors. Also custom logos available for your business or organization.